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Week Nine: Race to the Finish

Carol continues to explore the great wide open of Arizona, and showed no signs of slowing down on this penultimate week of her trip.

Carol’s zest for life doesn’t stop on rest days either. This energetic woman trekked the Bright Angel Trail, one of the Grand Canyon’s most famous and toughest hikes. “It was worth every step taken to go back up!” she says.

Carol standing at a lookout point on a Grand Canyon trail.
“It was worth every step taken to go back up!”
Map with Lake Havasu City, AZ

Dangerous weather conditions including high winds and snow forced the cycling group to delay riding until they reached Peach Springs. Once there, Carol enjoyed a leisurely and scenic ride on historic Route 66, passing through the Hualapai Indian Reservation as well.

“Whether hilly roads, mountains, mesas or buttes, they were all breathtaking,” she says, speaking of Arizona’s panoramic beauty. What Carol has captured in pictures doesn’t compare to memories she made from this trip. “I thank God each day for giving me the good health and stamina to participate in this adventure.”

About Carol
Carol Garsee

Carol Zemola Garsee is inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle as she bikes cross-country in the adventure of a lifetime. First inspired by her mother who was an avid cyclist, this 77-year-old continues to ride. What started as a necessity to get around Chicago, her love of biking blossomed into long-distance riding. This is Carol’s second cross-country trip. She has also ridden through several states, Italy, and Canada.