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Week Eight: Almost There!

Even the best-laid plans can go awry, especially when Mother Nature is involved.

High elevation, wind gusts, and precipitation made for unsafe riding conditions, which meant Carol had to rely on the support vehicle more than she preferred this week.

After crossing into Arizona, Carol rode into the aptly named town of Alpine where she saw snowcapped mountains and grazing elk. Though she was prepared for the weather, snow stopped her passage at one point, where even the support vehicle had trouble getting through. Steep hills required Carol to walk her bike a few times as well. “I am still covering the distance but differently for just a teeny-weeny bit!” she jokes.

Carol sitting in a large green chair with an X and #flagstaffextreme
“I am still covering the distance but differently for just a teeny-weeny bit!”
Map with Flagstaff AZ

As a special treat, Carol was able to meet up with family members from Phoenix, who helped mount a new camera to her bike. She adds, “I am blessed to be a part of this and grateful to so many for making this journey a reality.“

Carol ended this week in Flagstaff, having racked up 2,300 miles.

About Carol
Carol Garsee

Carol Zemola Garsee is inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle as she bikes cross-country in the adventure of a lifetime. First inspired by her mother who was an avid cyclist, this 77-year-old continues to ride. What started as a necessity to get around Chicago, her love of biking blossomed into long-distance riding. This is Carol’s second cross-country trip. She has also ridden through several states, Italy, and Canada.