Everyday Pain Relief Where You Need It Most

There are times when we push our bodies too far or simply do something our bodies aren’t used to doing. So whether weekend warrior activities have left muscles stiff and painful, too much time bent over a flowerbed has led to a lingering ache, or too many hours hunched over a desk have strained the muscles, Arnicare products offer the relief we need to reduce aches and pains.

Bruising and swelling go together. And when that unsightly duo makes an appearance, reach for Arnicare Bruise and let its cooling gel spot treat the discoloration and relieve related swelling and pain. Older people who are frail and prone to bruising and those who spend lots of time on the playground will appreciate Arnicare Bruise.

Painful and aching joints can affect nearly every facet of your life. Even the most mundane task – opening a jar, lifting a child, bending down to pick something up – can turn into a painful ordeal. Arnicare Arthritis can help relieve the pain and let you go on with your day.

Arnicare Gel relieves the pain and swelling that accompanies an injury. Parents and athletes use it to treat everything from playground bumps and bruises to injuries on the playing field.

Because Arnicare can be taken or applied before surgery, you can stay ahead of your pain and avoid the use of harsh pain medicines. And since it is produced according to drug Good Manufacturing Practices, some surgeons recommend arnica for use in conjunction with procedures. Ask your doctor for more information.