Joint & Arthritis Pain

Joint pain can interfere with an active lifestyle

Aching knees, wrists, shoulders, and hips can keep you from enjoying the things you love most. When used as directed, the healing power of Arnicare Arthritis helps you feel better to embark on your next activity. The pure active ingredients work to keep you pain-free, so when aching joints come calling, answer them with Arnicare Arthritis.

Arnicare Arthritis offers those concerned about drug interactions and pre-existing conditions a choice in relieving minor aches and pains associated with arthritis, including joint pain and stiffness.*

Arnicare Arthritis Cream is scientifically formulated with Arnica and Harpagophytum (devil’s claw) in a non-greasy cream that quickly absorbs for relief where you need it most. It’s fragrance-free and menthol-free for discreet relief without the medicinal smell.

Unlike general pain relievers, Arnicare Arthritis Tablets is a blend of nine homeopathic medicines traditionally used to relieve joint pain and weather-related flare-ups.* Available over the counter in a box of 60 meltaway tablets, Arnicare Arthritis does not cause drowsiness or interact with other medications, and can be taken at the onset of symptoms.