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Week 10: Finishing Strong

All good things must come to an end, including this senior’s incredible bike journey. For the last 10 weeks, Carol has traveled 3,000 miles across eight Southern states to encourage people of all ages to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The first day of Carol’s final week started in Parker, Ariz and ended in Blythe, Calif. Warmer temps called for early morning rides to stay ahead of the heat. Thankfully the Golden State offered smoother riding with flat routes, country views, and little wind.

While visiting the Imperial Sand Dunes, Carol witnessed nearly a hundred fifth graders and their parents participating in Ride Across California, an annual bike tour designed to help build self-confidence and teamwork skills in middle school students. It was an especially inspiring and touching sight. “I’m out there to be an example of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” says Carol, “and here are these precious young ones showing their fortitude, strength, and willingness to a serious commitment!”

Carol holding a box of Arnicare with a Boiron representative
“I will never forget these new friends, this shared experience, and the joy we all felt at the end.”
Map with San Diego, CA

Two days later, Carol descended from the forests of the Cuyamaca Mountains and made her way to San Diego. Once there, she was greeted by her husband, Joe, and then dipped her bike wheels into the Pacific Ocean, as is a tradition among cyclists on cross-country trips.

“I will never forget these new friends, this shared experience, and the joy we all felt at the end,” says Carol. “Quite the emotional experience. We seniors did it!”

Arnicare was honored to have been part of Carol’s adventure, and we at Boiron congratulate her on an extraordinary achievement!

About Carol
Carol Garsee

Carol Zemola Garsee is inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle as she bikes cross-country in the adventure of a lifetime. First inspired by her mother who was an avid cyclist, this 77-year-old continues to ride. What started as a necessity to get around Chicago, her love of biking blossomed into long-distance riding. This is Carol’s second cross-country trip. She has also ridden through several states, Italy, and Canada.