Yoga on The Go

When traveling we don’t always eat or sleep well. Not only is it hard on the immune system, but it can also be mentally taxing. Here’s where yoga can help restore balance when you are on the go. Don’t be shy. Practice in public like at an airport or park.

  • Get Centered: Finding a centering moment every day will not only calm you down on a business trip, but it will enhance your experiences on vacation, allowing you to recharge and create meaningful memories.
  • Create Intention: Give yourself 10 minutes a day. Sit with your eyes closed, focus on your breath, and create an intention for the day. This will help you relax and help you set goals and a plan for the day ahead. Try going to a local yoga studio and make new friends.
  • Get Creative: Are you at the beach without a mat? Use a sarong as your yoga mat, or a bath towel in your hotel room. Rolled-up towels work well as block replacements. If plane rides give you anxiety, stick to poses that are grounding, like seated and supine, or inward driven like forward bends.
  • Hydrate: Be conscious about drinking and eating as well as possible. Be sure to pack food for the flight and skip those sugary cocktails.
  • Posture: Be aware of your posture! Make sure you’re not slouching on the plane or in any of your photos.

Also, know your go-to yoga pose. For yoga and fitness expert Sara Fowler, RN, it’s a handstand. Travel can be mentally and physically exhausting, so inversions are a great mood-lifter. Learn more poses from Sara, featured in our Yoga Series.