Yoga for Stress Relief

Research has shown that calming practices such as restorative yoga and meditation have tangible effects on mental and physical health. Yoga can help lower cortisol and support subcutaneous fat loss, increase immunity, and promote digestion. Here are some stress-relieving poses to try.

  • Restorative Childs Pose: Forward bends can help alleviate anxiety by encouraging the mind to turn inward and reduce external stimulation from other people and environments.
  • Side-Lying Savasana: Anxiety related to certain traumas can make people feel vulnerable lying on their back because they feel exposed and unsafe. The side-lying savasana is a great variation for these individuals.

Through yoga, we can gain a mindful awareness of the body, which plays a role in stress resilience and our ability to experience happiness. Learn more about this ancient practice from fitness expert Sara Fowler, RN, featured in our Yoga Series.