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Week Five: Halfway There

This past week Carol hit the midway point in her trek while riding through the Texas Hill Country.

But after more than a thousand miles and all sorts of road conditions, her bike — a 2005 Specialized Sequoia designed for long distances — started to break down. After experiencing significant issues with the gear shifts, she found herself having to push the bicycle up several steep hills.

“My bike is like an old friend”

“My bike is like an old friend,” says Carol. “It was with me on my first cross country trip 13 years ago. This journey has a greater level of difficulty with the changing landscapes. Every cyclist can relate to the wear and tear road sealants cause when you’re going uphill.”

Luckily, the trip’s organizers were able to make the necessary repairs so that Carol and her bike are better equipped for the upcoming terrain.

“I’m grateful for the adjustments,” says Carol. “Not only has it made the tour less strenuous and more enjoyable, the other day I experienced the most beautiful ride of my life without any disruptions or traffic. This area of the country is breathtaking.”

About Carol
Carol Garsee

Carol Zemola Garsee is inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle as she bikes cross-country in the adventure of a lifetime. First inspired by her mother who was an avid cyclist, this 77-year-old continues to ride. What started as a necessity to get around Chicago, her love of biking blossomed into long-distance riding. This is Carol’s second cross-country trip. She has also ridden through several states, Italy, and Canada.