Pain-Free Living

Research has shown that yoga can help relieve joint pain, muscle stiffness, and physical discomfort. Many people suffer from back and neck pain. Because of our hectic lifestyles, many of us live in a hunched, closed position. Just think about how often you’re on your phone or sitting at your desk hunched down at your computer. Here are some poses that can help alleviate pain.

  • Forward Fold
  • Cobra
  • Thread the Needle

For a seated stretch, come to a seated position. Elongate your spine. Allow your chin to tuck, placing hands on the back of the head. Let the weight of your arms, with elbows tucked, lengthen neck muscles. For knees to chest, cross ankle over knee, press the working knee out and away from your body. Reach through the legs and draw your bent knee towards your chest.

Through the fluid movements of yoga practice, you can increase your mobility and strength without the damaging wear and tear on your muscles and joints. Learn more about this ancient practice from fitness expert, Sara Fowler, RN, featured in our Yoga Series.