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Holistic Plastic Surgeon
I recommend homeopathic Arnica montana in oral and topical forms to all of my patients to help reduce bruising, swelling, and pain after a procedure. Boiron is a brand I’ve trusted for years and their Arnicare medicines are a must for anyone who wants to have less downtime after a procedure. Arnicare can also help you maintain an active lifestyle without showing the effects of it on your skin.
After introducing Arnicare into our practice and trying it on some of our employees and friends, we incorporated it into our healing protocols and found many benefits to our patients in both diminishing bruising, swelling, and the recovery time for surgical/non-surgical procedures.


Younique Cosmetic Surgery Center, Cosmetic Surgeon

Medical experts in videos were compensated for their time by Boiron, the maker of Arnicare.

Dr. Karen Josephson

I find the Arnicare Arthritis so effective that I provide it to my patients with arthritic symptoms at the beginning of the office visit. They can feel the relief of pain and stiffness. This is an effective way to demonstrate the benefits of homeopathy to people who are unfamiliar with it and I consider it a “gateway” medication to homeopathy!