Athlete Reviews

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Laura L., West Chester, Pa.

As an ultra-runner and obstacle course racer, Arnicare Gel/Cream has become essential in my race recovery routine. After a grueling race, I typically experience muscle soreness and bruises. I am convinced that if not for using Arnicare, I would not recover as quickly. I am not quick to offer my opinion on products, as everyone has varying opinions on what works (or doesn’t work), but I would recommend Arnicare Gel/Cream hands-down as an important part of any racer’s regimen.

Blue sneaker on light green background
Ed F., Owing Mills, MD

As a ski racer and competitive action shooter, bruising and inflammation are part of the deal. Even with padding, armor, hitting a plastic gate at 35 mph will hurt. Arnica Gel helped reduce the bruise quickly and helped with the pain.