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Lorraine Weinstein, Fremont, CA


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A six-day, five-night trip for two

on a Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise

A five-day, four-night trip for four

to Red Rock State Park and the Grand Canyon

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How To Feel and Look Better At 35,000 Feet: 10 Insider Travel Secrets

By Debbi K. Kickham


Everyone knows about safe travels, but comfortable travels? Isn’t that an oxymoron? These days, everyone travels—and everyone complains about it. But there are some readily-available remedies to make your trip easier, more comfortable—and dare I say it?—even more luxurious.


After spending 25 years as a professional travel journalist, here are my tips for how to make a “bon voyage” even better. Everyone already knows about eye shades and noise-reducing headphones—but without these recommendations, you just might ruin your trip.

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For more fabulous travel suggestions, read Debbi’s bestselling book, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executives and Celebrity Travelers, the world’s first beauty book for traveling women and #1 on in the “Honeymoon Travel Guide” category. Also check out her beauty/well-being/travel blog at Debbi is the owner of Maxima Marketing, a marketing communications firm near Boston, and a long-standing member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Stay Active Year-Round

Simple Tips Can Help Weekend Warriors, Boomers Maintain Active Lifestyle

For weekend warriors and active boomers, staying healthy and fit as their bodies age can come at a cost. Not only is there wear and tear on joints and muscles, but bumps, falls and overexertion while working out or competing can also occur.


“Weekend warriors and boomers are particularly more susceptible to injury because oftentimes they are not keeping themselves physically prepared for exertion,” says Anne Meyer, M.D., whose private practice in West Los Angeles focuses on sports rehabilitation medicine with integrative approaches to muscular-skeletal pain management.


Dr. Meyer says simple stretching, as well as getting exercise at least three times a week, is an essential measure that can prevent the likelihood of injury. She adds that good nutrition is also key to reducing pain.


“Eating healthy, such as incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet and relying less on pre-packaged food, allows the body to repair itself better by helping build new healthy tissues,” she says. “Tissues are continually being renewed. Sometimes what you remove from your diet is more important than what you add.”


Her other tips for reducing pain include avoiding artificial sweeteners, drinking water more frequently to increase hydration, eating every four hours to optimize the metabolism, and avoiding acidic foods, such as citrus, if arthritis is present since it may exacerbate symptoms.


In the event an injury does occur, Dr. Meyer recommends resting and minimizing physical activity, applying ice to the injured area, elevating the injured arm or leg, and treating pain by applying a topical like Boiron’s unscented Arnicare Gel. Arnicare Gel, which contains homeopathic Arnica montana, safely relieves muscle pain and stiffness, and reduces swelling and bruising.


healthy snack options: fruit, cheese and nuts
Arnicare Gel

“In conjunction with eating a good diet, participating in regular exercise, and taking the proper care after an injury, Arnicare Gel can be used to naturally relieve pain in the muscles that have been strained,” says Dr. Meyer. “I recommend it to my patients to help them maintain their active lifestyles and to reduce pain, swelling and bruising when injuries do occur.”

Which Arnicare is Right for You?

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For the Love of Arnicare

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Get $2.00 Off Arnicare

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